Capture everything with
Keshot 360 Video Booth

Seize moments from every angle, offering your attendees
an immersive photo experience like never before.


Main Features

  • Fully Customizable Experience
    With customizable speed options and high-resolution captures, you're in control.

  • Tailored to Your Brand
    Showcase your company or event brand with customizable graphics, logos, and hashtags.

  • A powerful Marketing tool
    A fun and effective way to collect data from event guests.

  • Shareability
    Share your 360 videos via instant download, email, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

  • No need to worry about the set up!
    Each 360° Video Booth comes with an expert event manager responsible for setup, operation, guest engagements & interactions, and dismantling. 
Simply step up and experience full-circle fun!

Gather your team, and prepare for an
unforgettable experience!

Keshot 360 Video Booth captures stunning videos, ensuring unforgettable memories for your guests. With customizable backgrounds and branding, our committed team ensures a smooth rental process. Don't settle with a normal event: Make it immersive, make it memorable!


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