Elegant. Clear. Light. Exclusive.
Keshot Roamer Booth.

Want to create immediate interaction with your guests?
Keshot Roamer Booth engage right away and takes impeccable photos!

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Main Features

Roaming Photo Booth
Keshot Roamer Booth can be moved around an event to capture moments wherever they happen.

Sleek & Stylish
Designed with elegance in mind, Keshot Roamer Booth is a showstopper that adds a touch of sophistication to any event.

Say Goodbye to Cables
Keshot Roamer Booth is all about Wireless freedom!


Customizable Templates
Personalize your Photo Booth experience with customizable templates or AI to match your event theme.

A Powerful Marketing tool
A fun and effective way to collect valuable data from your attendees.

Instantly share the fun, via instant downloads, email, and social media sharing.


We’re proud to say it’s the lightest roamer booth in the market, making transport and setup a breeze!


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